Switchboard Answering Services

Simplify operations and boost business efficiency

Switchboard solutions that seamlessly integrate with your core services, designed to complement your business, providing complete multichannel support 24/7.

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Businesses are increasingly turning to outsourced switchboard facilities, experiencing the benefits of reduced overhead costs, IT infrastructure and the hassle of managing personnel.

Whether you are seeking a comprehensive fully outsourced provision, overflow support to reduce call waiting times, or a complete reinvention of your current processes, Telebizz are the choice for businesses and organisations across all sectors.

Service Integrations

Our UK agents will manage your communication requirements while providing exceptional customer services that reflect the professionalism of your brand.

Our in-house technology platforms can seamlessly integrate with all your named applications, working together to provide multi-channel switchboard efficiency.

Benefits of Switchboard Outsourcing

Business sophistication and cost-savings

World Class Agents

Professional and friendly switchboard operators serve as your brand ambassadors, delivering top-notch customer experiences with every interaction.

Appointment Scheduling

Efficiently manage your appointment schedule in real-time for optimised time management.

Call Monitoring

Advanced filtering prioritises important calls allowing you to focus on critical tasks while we manage less urgent inquiries.


Seamlessly integrate our technology platforms with your existing systems, CRMs and API platforms ensuring a hassle-free transition.

Smart Routing

Call routing to match your business structure. From departments to specific team members, calls are efficiently directed to the right individuals, streamlining communication.


We accurately record and forward messages, ensuring no crucial details are missed and urgent matters are promptly relayed to the right recipients.

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Bespoke Integrations

Your Switchboard. Your Way.

Work with a Telebizz advisor to develop a virtual switchboard solution that seamlessly integrates with your core services, designed to complement the way your business works providing complete multichannel support 24/7.

Less hassle. More savings.